a request:


here is my brother and sister’s kickstarter site for their musical; they’ve been working on it for four years, and they’ve finally arranged a reading. i’ll be participating in it. 
take a peek, donate if you’re able. it’d mean loads! it’s artists, trying to make art. isn’t it something worth supporting?

reblogging because we had the first act read-thru last night and it was great fun! i also didn’t know that kickstarter is an ‘all-or-nothing’ site: my siblings have to raise all of their allotted money or else they get none of it. it’d mean the world to me if you guys could just take a look at their musical, and maybe donate a buck or two.
thanks, gang! 


oh hey all, sometimes i still vlog, remember, i know, silly, right hurr hurr, here goes nothin’

so i attempted to work out some makeup for hippolyta.

i don’t really like the result, but i’m posting it here for future ref of what i do and don’t like about it.

i mostly just don’t like how i look with makeup, unless it’s really faint and natural, blaaahhh.

anyways, here ya go!


But I feel like I would weigh you down….


But I feel like I would weigh you down….

11/4/11. I am grateful for…

Theatre. Hands down, theatre always always always is my favourite. I would not be here today if I didn’t have theatre. I wouldn’t be in college, I wouldn’t be anywhere, I’d be nothing. I know I’ve said that about a couple things, but theatre is what got me here. It brought me to Ashland for the Shakespeare festival, rehearsals made me get organized so I could maintain a 3.8 GPA through high school, acting just lets me release every single stress or trepidation I have.
Phew. It’s my passion, I get long-winded.
But theatre has saved me, and I don’t want my life to be without it. Which is why I’m where I am today. Whether I’m writing plays, acting in them, stage managing, or even being part of the crew that only moves one thing twice in the whole show, I will do it and be so so so passionate about it.
It’s the least I can do after what the stage has done for me. 

anyone wanna help me find a one-minute shakespeare monologue?

sad or happy, i don’t care. i just need some help for auditions coming up (eeeeekkk, midsummer and a kid’s musical!). so, yeah, no monologues from midsummer, just because that’s the show we’re doing.

thank you!

when the theatre boys who work in the coffee shop make fun designs on the top of your mocha.


Update, herp derp.

i am loving college theatre.

i’m going to have to cut my hair for ‘chalk circle’.

i’m okay with this, i’m okay with this, i’m okay with this.

cast as a whore, freshman year! (apparently i get raped, but i don’t even care I’M CAST OH GOD)

how do i whore cheerleader?

never in a million years did i think ‘oh, one day i’m going to get called back and be asked to dress as the character would dress, and said character would be considered a whore cheerleader’.

SO what do i wear…?

that awkward moment when you’re the only freshman at callbacks.

oh god, auditions monday AT 10:05 PM, OH GOD.