She’s mad, but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.

Charles Bukowski, An Almost Made Up Poem  (via holygrailx)

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if you don’t terrify people a little bit then what’s the point.

I am a symmetrical person having an asymmetrical crisis.

Rainey Royal, Dylan Landis (via drewsof) —

fast and hard and ground running and
I miss swimming in lakes.
I miss taking photos.
I miss you
and you
and everything but your attitude,
that face you get
when I think I do something wrong-
no no no,
when you think I do something wrong.
it’s as complicated as facebook wants it to be
and as childish as I never wanted.
of course into the woods left me sobbing.
of course, with its songs about wanting and knowing what you want
and fuck it,
but please don’t go.
I’m not a child,
but I’m as scared as.
and I think the worst part of it is
I can’t wait for you to buy me a drink.


three young kids
not so young, not really -
you were that young not so long ago

three young kids
sleeping in the same direction in the living room
makes you think of
crashing on floors
stealing drinks
being there just because there was where you were meant to be
making mistakes
making better…

i’ve got a turn style bruise
and a bad idea that says i should-
oh dear what shall i do with you?
half-priced hard covers,
fourth row tickets,
dogs in the park-
for those little bits of humanity you need.
avoid times square,
take your time,
banter with the locals
and they’ll think you’re from jersey.
i’m ordering drinks at dinner,
i’m staring at sides on the subway,
i’m looking at price tags,
at the practical,
at the impractical,
at you.
there’s so much to do,
time to do it,
and here i am,
worrying away my nails,
ready an hour (eternity) too soon.

won’t you please let the elderly sit?
won’t you please understand the art?
there are pumpkins sold on street corners,
railroads turned sanctuaries.
there’s a man who lives on third st.,
“oh wait stop here on 9th”,
and he goes to a liquor store instead.
can i take a picture of your tat?
can i fall in love with you?
the walls are bleeding,
there’s a mask on my face,
i’m still awake at 3am,
and the busses run too.
i’m navigating a world of $16 cocktails,
boys with cute faces,
5 miles of walking a day,
and somehow i’m relearning you.
i find strength in my legs,
ache in your arms.
there’s a taxi being hailed for hours,
but you just won’t turn the light on.
i never thought i’d go it alone
for this:
the steam rising from the grates,
the burn of the tunnels,
the endless suits and ties-
it’s bewitching,
and something has changed.

One hears it a lot on airplanes: ‘Make sure you have your own mask on, before helping others with theirs.’

Daniel Handler (Lemony Snicket), upon being asked "What’s your very best life advice?"  (via n-xi)

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please stand clear of the closing doors,
and shut me down because i’m feeling so much-
don’t touch the paintings,
don’t touch me in my dreams,
because i’m wanting all of it,
the city that’s confused by smiles,
the hot-cold train underfoot-
where have i been all my life?
my heart’s in garbage bags on the street,
in fake grass on a warm rooftop,
in the seat that moves at the center of the bus.
goddamn jumping,
goddamn wanting,
goddamn too soons
and too far aheads
and my damn heart and head
finally agreeing(?)

sound bites from new york city:
-i’ll clear my friday morning for you!
-you had a perfectly good spot, now someone’s gonna take it.
-staten island’s not so bad…but that’s about all we have.
-the worst is the sad mariachi band that gets on the subway.
-actual pigeons cooing me awake
-the hum of the street as work calls
-the quiet intervals that don’t make sense
oh god could i do this?

i’ve never heard your voice; i’m so glad it’s cloudy.
cheers to actual adulthood. here’s to those stupid cards you give me.
my mother spoke it out loud and i just keep repeating it: he’d be so proud so proud so proud
there are snoring pets surrounding me and i feel burst open but in a good way?
professional. professional in a profession i want.
but oh god i wish you were here to see me grin about it.

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crushed that it’d be around $2,000 for just me alone to go to disneyworld/ universal studios.
(aka don’t give me access to my hopes and dreams)

eddie bauer model y/n?

eddie bauer model y/n?