lil-miss-banana sent: R & L :D

R - For me to tell 10 of my curiosities.
I assume this means in general, just things I’m curious about? Yeah, sure. to recognize flirting, just in general, anytime
2.if I’m gonna get a Canon Rebel for Christmas
3.if the person at the end of ‘Fear Institute’ is who I think it is
4.if I’ve been cast in two shows in college because they liked my audition or my look
5.what my grades will be this quarter
7.find a tea I’d actually drink
8.if people find me intimidating much a tattoo actually hurts
10.why people drink and smoke and do drugs 

- If I have siblings.
I do, three of them! A sister(Holly), a sister(Candy), and a brother(Aaron) who is eleven years older than me, but still the next youngest! I’m the baby.