itskatystark sent: Top 5 Harry Potter Characters. ;)

hm… okay, these will also not be in order, i am so indecisive.
1. lupin
2. snape
3. neville
4. hagrid 
5. luna 

theresrueforyou sent: FANDOMS GO.

i can only choose 5, nooooooo!
these are NOT in order, because i’m indecisive and big-hearted towards fandoms by nature.
1. sherlock
2. johannes cabal
3. good omens
4. doctor who
5. harry potter
oh god this was so difficult. 
**these are also all british. 

necromancatrix sent: Johannes or Horst?

okay, so, if horst actually loved me, i’d pick him to date because i think he’s a sweetheart when he’s not being so charismatic and flirtatious. 
but if horst was going to be a bastard to me, i’d pick johannes. even if he’s all snarky and evasive and in love with, ya know…
besides, horst would think up the best dates. 

necromancatrix sent: Green, violet. ^^
  • green: four life goals
    1. act at the oregon shakespeare festival
    2. travel as much as i possibly can, see everything
    3. get published, either novel or play
    4. get married 
  • violet: one thing you love
    1. food 
rogueandpeasant sent: red, yellow ;)
  • red: seven insecurities
    1. weight, because it’s always on my mind and i’m so paranoid i’ll fall back into my 220 pounds of sophmore year.
    2. acting. only because it’s what i want to do for the rest of my life and i’m worried what people think of me. not that it matters terribly much, but i want to know for sure what i want to do is something other people think i’m good at, you know?
    3. my dancing abilities. enough said.
    4. my legs, actually. because i’m so tall, i can never find shorts that fit me properly, so they’re always shorter than i’d like. i’m always tugging at things i consider too short, and they make me feel immodest, i guess? even though i’m proud of how i look.
    5.  my future regarding relationships. i have such a huge heart, i’m worried about getting hurt once someone notices that fact.
    6. money. i need a job. it’d make me feel better rather than take my parent’s extra cash.
    7. my friendships. i never think i say thank you enough, and i’m worried people hear me talk and interpret it differently. i’m a bit socially inept, but not enough to inhibit getting the great friends i have now, thank god. 
  • yellow: five turn ons
    1. good smile, preferably with dimples.
    2. glasses.
    3. sharp angular jawlines.
    4. regular dorkiness.
    5. chivalry. 
actualprincesshajime sent: I'll just be over here on my bed with all my Cabal-related feels right now from that fic. ;-;

i aim to make you weep. :D

theresrueforyou sent: 6, 19, 22, 43 (:

what kind of smoothie sounds really good right now: i actually had a giant strawberry nirvana from jamba juice yesterday, and i got a coupon for a dollar off, so i’ll probably get it again before i go home to the land of no jamba juice. i love the strawberry nirvana smoothies.
what’s the most delicious food you’ve eaten in your whole life: why would you ask me this? i love food, i can’t choose! fine, it’d probably be new orleans/gulf seafood because it’s fresh and delicious. i always get sad when eating shrimp anywhere else because the shrimp there were the best ever.
which continents have you been on: just north america. i can’t wait to travel, really.
coolest thing you’ve ever been for halloween: oh man. i was queen amadala when i was 8 or so. makeup, hair, dress, everything. that was a good one. some other winners are: blossom from the powerpuff girls, pikachu from pokemon, fem!crowley from good omens, and a balloon. that was my very first halloween, i was only a month old. a little pink balloon.

syntheticaesthetic sent: Can I just say your art is quite wonderful? I enjoy seeing it. Never stop. =)

thank you!!!! :D i’m sorry i always give up halfway through drawing, typically. haha but thanks so much. i don’t plan on it (not until christmas, anyway)!

Anonymous sent: Was the cast party fun?

it was! i just got home from it, actually, it’s around 3:30. but i enjoyed it, really. though i’m more ready for bed than i ever thought i’d be. haha

itskatystark sent: Cookies and free pancakes... you are one lucky chick! Anyways... 'Dear Person I like...'

(bacon too. i am lucky indeed :D)

oh boy. i write you letters a lot, good sir. i don’t really want to talk about those. they’re silly and true and they taste sour when i try to speak them to the you that’s in my head.
you’re still one big secret, and i’m over it. i don’t mind trying hard to get to know a person, but even making a marvelous effort means little when it comes to you. at least, from what i can see.
so i stay aloof, or at least normal around you now. i don’t try. whether you see me or not, that’s the least of my problems. i have classes to pass and jobs to get and friends to keep and make if you’d let me.
but hang it all, creep, you nag at my mind far more than i’d like. 

thinkfemme sent: Dear Sloth,

WHY ARE YOU HANGING FROM THAT TREE? sloth, you’re so silly.
but no, honestly, how are you, sloth? i hope you’re well. i know you’ve been sick and upset with a few things recently. i hope your finals go well. i hope you have a good spring break too!

qualapec sent: Dear Santa,

i was so sure as a child that you existed. until i was about 8. my parents had just gotten divorced; i felt like i had to grow up too.
but i remember one year, back in that house i breathed early breaths, i had a bag full of oats and glitter that i had made in school, a class project, and i asked my parents if i could spread it on the front lawn for the reindeer, and they said yes and i did the night before christmas and i could see it sparkling and i was just so excited.
then i woke up on christmas, and listened to the story of jesus, read by my dad, loved by my mom, and then presents and then breakfast, and then, then i checked the front lawn.
the oats were all gone, or buried in frost, but i couldn’t see them. and my parents just smiled at me, said the reindeer must’ve loved the gift, and brought me back inside to the food and fireplace and family.
i don’t believe in you anymore, santa, but i will for my children.  

actualprincesshajime sent: In attempts to keep you awake: if you could put anything on a pancake and never gain pounds from that meal, what would you put on the pancake?

bacon. or sausage. or strawberries. or nutella. or almond butter. or plain butter. or cream cheese icing. 
i just love food. 

this is a ‘here, you haven’t seen my face for a while and it’s almost finals week and i’m bored and somehow going to stay up until midnight because pancakes and bacon’.ta dahhhh.ask me questions to keep me awake! 

this is a ‘here, you haven’t seen my face for a while and it’s almost finals week and i’m bored and somehow going to stay up until midnight because pancakes and bacon’.
ta dahhhh.
ask me questions to keep me awake! 

Anonymous sent: I will always love you. No matter what.

thank you, kind anon. though i’m sure i know you in real life.

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