Anonymous sent: Your description says you are big boned? that is pretty untrue, I think. maybe you are just confident so I have never noticed, but it surprised me greatly to see you describe yourself that way.

well, it’s sort of what i’ve classified myself as; i’m mainly just big. not in a bad way, but i’m nearly 5’11’, and even if i were in tip-top shape, toned and slimmed just a bit, i would still have broad shoulders and a 40-inch hip measurement. i dunno, i’ve never had a doctor say i have big bones, it’s just my own personal assumption, given that i’ve pretty much been bigger than all of my friends all my life.
but thank you for makin’ a gal feel special by saying you’ve never noticed. :) 

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Anonymous sent: Geese a-layin'.

geese geese geese. quirks. hm.
1. i’m a lip and nail biter. chronic. when i’m bored, rather than worried.
2. i clean like a maniac when i need to take my mind off things.
3. i cook like a maniac when i’m happy.
oh god i can never think of quirks when asked about them help
4. i walk really really fast, like i’m always on a mission.
5. i hold open doors a lot
6. i crack my neck and back, but i refuse to crack my knuckles.
oh god were those quirky enough? 

Anonymous sent: New Years!? Fourth Cabal book comes out on New Years!? Where did you get this info?! HUIhkjewwaiusdkjnewjsdn :D

This was the original guesstimate Jonathan L. Howard had tweeted about, eons ago. It’s doubtful to still be true, unfortunately. I’m sorry to have gotten your hopes up, I wish it was the actual release date!

Anonymous sent: 5, 11, 12

5. A picture with someone you love.

i think i love too many people.

11. A picture of you & your best friend
see above pictures. (except exclude dan donohue, i just love his acting, we’re not best friends even though that’d be pretty wonderful) 

12. A picture of you today

just worked on my monologue pretty much all day, wearin’ comfy clothes and watching big bang theory now. 

Anonymous sent: 27, 77, 99.


27: Last person you kissed/kissed you?
lucas in a scene from ‘waiting for lefty’. we butchered it during the final, actually, he kind of attacked my nose haha 
77: Ever been in love? 
yes, i have. more often than i should, quite honestly. i fall in love with the whole damn world too easily. but i’ve had my love reciprocated twice, so that’s what counts.
99: Do you miss anyone right now? 
hm probably my brother and sister, but i’m seeing them on wednesday. and lisa, WHO HAD TO GO BACK TO GERMANY, WHAT A BITCH. i miss everyone in ashland too, i just miss ashland. i’m glad to be going back soon.

Anonymous sent: British, theatre major, good heart

YES, PERFECT (so long as they didn’t end up gay, i’m not dealing with that again i mean what)

Anonymous sent: 26?

story of my first kiss.

i was too young and too ill-raised and too young. it was in my room and i didn’t know i had to use pressure to kiss someone. apparently i thought kissing just meant i sit there, which is not the case. 
thanks, anon! 

Anonymous sent: Was the cast party fun?

it was! i just got home from it, actually, it’s around 3:30. but i enjoyed it, really. though i’m more ready for bed than i ever thought i’d be. haha

Anonymous sent: I will always love you. No matter what.

thank you, kind anon. though i’m sure i know you in real life.

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Anonymous sent: I wonder how they decide who hosts the party? Like whoever has the most room/doesn't mind clean up? =P

haha, I have no clue. I honestly think it’s whoever is willing to lend their place for a night and doesn’t mind the risk involved with at least 20 people drinking/smoking. 
I know there was quite a bit of wine spilled on the carpet. 

Anonymous sent: Aw, the toast sounds cute! Like thanksgiving! So are they like held in a large place or at someone's house?

Yes, the toast was my favourite, it was so cute and sweet!
This one was at someone’s house. I assume they’re all at someone’s house, for the most part.
Well, okay, the ‘party’ that our director paid for (because he’s a lovely gentleman) was at a nice pizza place downtown, but the ‘toast’ was at someone’s house. I assume that’s typically the way they roll.

Anonymous sent: It's like being a third wheel in the relationship! It's them + theatre and you're on the outside going "Hi LOVE ME!" haha. Makes sense though. Kinda what I thought. I guess it's kinda sad though, because I know theatre majors that I want to get close to, but I can't ever spend time with them to get to know them. Where I'm at they don't really allow non-majors/those who've never taken theatre before to take the classes. I guess I lose out on these wonderful folks. =/ But thanks for answering!

Oh-ho, I feel you, honestly. But you can try talking to them and whatnot. Doesn’t hurt to try. :3 Unless they’re completely self-absorbed divas, they should still be willing to talk to you. haha 
You’re welcome, anytime, friendly anon! 

Anonymous sent: "I’d even hazard to say they’re better, safer, certainly, because you’ve become more of a family with the cast, it’s not just random strangers drinking and smoking." I'm with you in that I've never been to one and that it'd probably not be my scene, but that quote there is kinda....sweet I guess? Like you could feel safe even if you were uncomfortable because you know that someone would take care of you.

Yes, yes, for sure! In college, there’s all sorts of signs and warnings and whatnots about rape and be careful at parties and stuff, but, even though I’m not into drinking, I would’ve cut loose a bit more than normal at the cast party just because it feels safer. After you spend two-three months, pretty much 5 hours a day with a group of people, there is a familial bond. I mean, no shit, still be careful (especially if there’s a horndog guy in your cast or something), but it isn’t as scary, definitely not.
Especially because most people get drunk during the toast, where everyone goes around and toasts to something they loved about the production. It’s sweet, and hilarious if someone is particularly wasted.

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Anonymous sent: Random question that's sorta related to the questions you've been getting: I guess it just seems to me that it's hard for a non-theatre major to be friends with theatre majors. It's such a tight-knit group that's hard to break into! Is it just that you lot are always so busy or what, do you think? I've got some theatre majors where I'm at that I'd love to be friends with but I just don't know how to show up on the radar. It's like if you aren't one you don't get noticed. =/

I like all the theatre questions, it’s nice! :D

Uhm well, this is also a difficult question for me to judge because I’m not good at meeting new people. But from what I’ve noticed, it is a very close group, yeah. But the department is HUGE here, so huge, so yes, everyone is close, but everyone means A LOT of people, it’s a big family. 
If you’re outside the major, I have no idea. I’d imagine rehearsals and busy-ness is a huge aspect of not making friends with people outside the show you’re in, yeah. We had two shows in the fall, and I was only friends with a few people in the show I was in, I knew no one in the other show. I think it really is a matter of time, because theatre majors live in the theatre, at rehearsals, in auditions, whatever, so they get closer to the people in those places. I don’t think it’s that they mean to exclude anyone, I think it’s just that it’s a lot easier to get to know people in the department.
After spending 24 hours with some of the people in my theatre department, stuck in rehearsals, it’s easier for me to call them my friends than some people who are also theatre majors but that aren’t in the same show as me. I think you just gotta go up and talk to them, maybe get involved on a wardrobe or backstage crew. We’re people too, we like meeting new friends. We’re just married to the stage. haha

Anonymous sent: So is the stereotype true then? That theatre majors always throw ridiculous crazy parties?

I have no idea, honestly. We’re typically an eccentric people, and adrenaline after a show leads to ridiculous antics. That was my first ever ever full-on party with alcohol and the whole bit. I don’t feel like I’m a fair judge, especially since I hate the idea of stereotypes anyway. I was told that most of the cast parties go that way, but I doubt they’re any crazier than frat parties or other parties. I’d even hazard to say they’re better, safer, certainly, because you’ve become more of a family with the cast, it’s not just random strangers drinking and smoking.
But this is coming from me. A sentence that comes out of my mouth often is ‘How do I people?’. Parties aren’t really my scene, because I just don’t interact well in that environment.